Dynamite gets to go to Tracking Class 12-22-08

So it is now time for week three of tracking class. I did train my dogs twice this week at home on a serpentine course and a course with some dog legs (45 degree turns). Dynamite has continued to impress me with her tracking and she will be joining in the tracking class this week. Today we will be training at Ross Township Walking Park. We have had a fair amount of snow and the ground is completely snow covered. We are scheduled to track at 11 am as one of the last teams to track today. I am heading over early in order to help lay tracks if needed. I am also taking Dixie with plans to track both dogs today.
I arrive at the park at a little after 9 am and to my surprise the only people here are Dawn and Deb. It seems most of the class has decided it was just too cold and slippery out to track today. They are expecting a couple people to come but they are not scheduled to track until late. We decide to go ahead and work Dixie and Dynamite on their track. This drag is a series of dog legs (45 degree angle) turns with several food drops.

Dixie works the track first and then I head back to the car to switch dogs. Dynamite is happy to be getting out of the car this week after riding along last week and not getting to play. I am not sure what to expect out of her once she gets out. She has not been overly socialized and never worked in front of anyone. Dynamite is the last dog using the drag so I will have to pick up the food drops along the way and give them to Dawn. She will follow us around again. Dynamite gets right to work even before getting to the glove she tracks us out to the track. Just like training at home she is nose to the ground and all business. She takes off down the track will purpose giving a quick nose touch to the first food drop and continuing down the track. I make her come back and get her cookie but she would really rather just get back to tracking. She finishes the track without any problems finding each turn just like it was a marked road. Dawn is very impress with our little cocker girl and suggest that I go ahead and work her on the other track. This track This track is longer than the first one, has 90 degree turns on it, and it is does not have any food drops. After a short break I take Dynamite on her second track.

Dynamite starts off very well on this track only stopping briefly when she notices cars going down the road next to the park. Once she decides that is ok she gets right back to work on her track. She continues to keep her nose down almost snorting the track making all the turns without any problems and quickly finding the glove. She is a very impressive tracker for this stage in her training.
Happy Tracking!

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