CPE January 14-16 2012 Results

Here are the trial results for our January 14-16 2012 CPE trial held in the new building at Orchard Hills DTC in Barto Pa. Thanks to everyone that came out and supported our trial. Simply click on the link to see or print out the results catalog and it will open up.

January 14-16 2012 Results

The Following teams earned titles at this event:
Kathi Dunlap and Kona CTL3-H
Lisa Stetteler and Heidi CL3-H
Chelsea Singer and Dakota CL1-H and Completed Level 1
Hillary Graff and Knight CL1-H CL1-F CL1-R CL1-S and Completed Level 1
Hillary Graff and Mia CL1-H CL1-S
Hillary Graff and Lilly CL3-R CL3-F CL3-S and Completed Level 3
Carla Smith and Finley CL3-R CL3-S CL3-F
Linda McRae and Dillan CL3-R CL3-F
Blake Rivas and Trixie CL3-S CL3-F
Tara Litwin and Mocha CL1-R
Barb Mattes and Gasper CL2-S and Completed Level 2
Janet Hoffman and Oreo ChJP
Sandra Newman and Barty CL1-S
Denise Baker and Fievel ChSN
Denise Baker and Fiona CL2-S and Level 2 Completed
Annette Murphy-Wales CTL1-R and Level 1 Completed
Sarah Rivkin and Willow CL2-F Completed Level 2
Robin Ross and Dolce ChFH ChJU
Ann Hereford and Eco CL3-F
Sherry Merschoff and Flint CL3-F
Mary Ann Minner and Asia CL3-F
Kristen Matheson and Abby CTL1-H
Dale Schwemmer and Bonnie CL4-F
Joe Testa and Buttons CL4-S and Completed Level 4
Diana LaClair and Taggert CL1-S and Completed Level 1
Kimberly Ubaldini and Schatzie CTL3-H CSL3-R
Lisa Johnson and Ollie CL3-H CL3-R
Kevin Pierce and Crème Brulee Completed Level 1
Darryl Warren ad Disco ChCL ChWC
Barbara Silverstein and Lucy CS-ATCH 3
Samuel Tait and Mandy C-ATCH 3 and ChJp