Disco 2X2's Day 4 Tuesday January 6th 2009

It is Tuesday January 6th and Disco has now had 5 training session on weaves lasting no more than 10 to 12 minutes of actual weave pole training. Today we are going to train outside here at home. We will start with four poles set up just like a trial and I will be adding a jump. So now Disco will really have to start thinking about collecting as he enters the poles. As always we will work him from all around the entry arc moving the jump as we go. I will also try to add in some front crosses. I will be using a toy as his reward as we will be in the grass. If he is successful with the 4 poles than maybe I will try him with 6 at the end of our training session.
Like in previous session I start pretty much where we left of last time. First we warm up with a friendly game of tug and then working the poles a couple of times without the jump. I am also continuing to bribe him to bring the toy back but he is getting better at it. The four poles do not seem to be giving him any problems. I add the jump starting on side at a 90 degree angle to the entry. This does not seem to faze Disco at all. He works all of the entry points onside without any issues. He struggles a couples times on the off side weaves when he has to go all the way up and find the entry form 180 degrees. But it is very kewl to see him continue to try and not stress over making a mistake. After a few errors he does start finding that entry as well. I was able to add in a front cross with issues and an exit side front as well, which means he is staying in the poles as I move ahead to make the cross. Staying in the poles has not been real hard just finding some of those entries made him really think. At the end of the session I did move to six regular poles and he had no problem with the added poles. This is only his six training session and he is doing six poles fairly well with some really ugly approaches. He is also starting to really get pumped up when we head out for our training time. I am hoping the weather will continue to hold and I will be able to complete the basic weave training with him in time for him to show off some really awesome improvement at our DOCNA trial on the 17th of January.