Disco plays on mats 2-20-09

The drive up to New York was very long. Disco and I arrived at the trial site at 6 pm. The site is awesome, you can find information about it at "high goal farm" I was surprised at how few…

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Disco weekend Adventure Begins 2-20-09

Well I am off to upstate New York to judge this weekend. We took yesterday off from training as both Disco and I needed a day away from any formal work. I spent the day designing courses as Disco spent…Read more

Disco gets to play on the carpet grass! 2-18-09

For the past several weeks I have not been allowing Disco to run courses on the carpet during our Wednesday day classes, but have been having him focus on doing his tricks and some foundation skill work on the mats…Read more

Disco gets to Train Outside

For a February day it was very nice out again today. Enough of the ice has melted so that I can actually move some stuff around outside. I went outside without any dogs with plans to just reset Disco’s weave…Read more

Disco General training Update

Ok so I have not been very good at keeping the blogs updated for the last few weeks. I have, however, continued training the dogs. It is only my computer time that has been compromised as that time has been…Read more

Disco 2X2 Weaves Day 9 1-12-09

Day nine of weave training for Disco brings us to a Monday. During the day I take the other dogs tracking and then Monday evenings Disco and I go down to Barto for me to teach or evening classes there…Read more

2 X 2's Day 8 1-11-09

Disco had been excited about going out to weave all day today. I finally gave in at around 330pm. We did get about 6 inches of snow yesterday and it is very chilly and windy outside but sometimes you got…Read more

2 X 2 Weaves Day 6 1-9-09

Well the ice has not melted in the yard yet. The last set up that we had while working here is still set up and frozen in place. I have decided to at least try to do a couple weave…Read more

Disco 2X2's Day 4 Tuesday January 6th 2009

It is Tuesday January 6th and Disco has now had 5 training session on weaves lasting no more than 10 to 12 minutes of actual weave pole training. Today we are going to train outside here at home.…Read more