Tracking Day 2 12-11-08

It is now Thursday of the first week and I am going to lay another serpentine track for the dogs to do. The big difference this time is that the track will be in the farmer’s corn field next to the house. This track will be a little longer than the one in the yard. I am also sure there will be several deer cross tracks. I am using less food since Dynamite does not seem to need it and less will help Dixie will stay focused on the scent. This track is about 200 yards long and has big arcs. We are still not ready to work doglegs or 90 degree turns. The track is flagged! Dynamite was going crazy as I took Dixie out to track so I think she has figured this game out and really likes it.

Dynamite is very excited to be going out alone with her dad again. She sees the sock and "start flag" very early and starts dragging me over that way. She quickly goes to ground on the drag snorting in the scent. She moves quickly and flawlessly on the track keeping her nose down and head in the game. She marks the food drops but really does not want to stop to eat the treats. I continue to make her stop if for no other reason than to make sure she does not blow past future articles on the track. When she gets to a deer cross track she simply sniffs both directions very quickly and continues on our track. She works the track quickly and finds the glove; she does enjoy the treats there and is willing to interact with the glove a little. But then she is right back to work tracking Dixie and my path back to the house. She is a very hard worker and ready for much more challenging tracks! She is also ready for a harness and longline!
Ok it is to the next dog! Happy tracking!

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