Disco Day 5 Rolling Sixes Wenesday January 7th 2009

Ok so the weather has changed drastically and training outside is not an option today. We are supposed to have class in Barto this morning but I am not sure if the roads will allow us to train. I am going to try to make it down and hopefully some other people will show up. I am only taking Disco since it is very slippery outside and Dixie could use a few days rest after a long weekend of trialing and tracking training.
The drive down to Barto was not bad the only icy areas were in my driveway and the hill going up the driveway at Barto. Only one other person showed up. It was kind of nice because that means I will get to work Disco on the turf and other equipment. I did some sequencing with him and he really has improved from three weeks ago at the trial when he was just running around things. He is staying with me and committing to the equipment much easier. I warmed him up on a set of 6 2 X 2’s on the mats going back to some cookies as a reward. Then we went out on the turf to work our weaves with jumps. I worked the whole arc with six poles. He is now getting the offside entry that he struggled with yesterday but is having problems with the same approach from the other side…pulling up short and entering at pole three. It takes a couple of minutes but he does work threw it. At this point I decide it is time to try rolling sixes (two sets of six separated by 15’. So I drop the jumps out at first. We do the second set first just so he knows what is coming. Then we go back to the first set and reward in between. Once he seems ready we do both sets rewarding after the second. He does not have much trouble adjusting to two sets. He does pop out a couple times but I just give him his “opps” and do them again. In no time he is working the arc with the jumps doing the two sets. We call it quits on weaves there and go back to some other sequencing work before heading off to lunch.

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