Tracking Homework Week 4 Into the woods we go! 1-10-09

It has been snowing all night and day and I have gone out and laid a very tough track for my dogs. I did practice earlier this week and all of the dogs seemed to be handling some harder turns. I have decided to add some terrain changes. On this track the dog will have to go through an opening in the hedge at location #1. They will then have to go over our old wood pile at location #2. Then it is on to a lightly wooded area for location #3 before crossing back over the wood pile at #4. The track through the woods is very twisty and there are several tough turns on the track.

Dawn has suggested that I track Dixie after some of the other dogs in hopes that it will increase the scent on the track and help her develop her turning skills. It seemed to help in our early training this week, and it also seemed to work today. Dixie did a very good job on this track. The only real issue I had was her cheating and looking ahead to see if she could see her food drops in the snow. Her casting was not nearly as wide today and she performed very well in the wooded area. My son Dustin came with us and picked up the food containers as we worked the track. I was pleasantly surprised at how well she did today.

Happy Tracking!


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