Dicey’s Formal Training Begins

So at this point I have had Dicey for just over 7 months. She has had some nice training on the fly. Working a bit in classes here at home and dong some demo work in classes at K9 Jym. But most of her training has happened at the few trials I have been entering her in. Due to some issues with Disco she was rushed into the ring in hopes of getting her qualified for CPE Nationals next year. Despite not having nearly enough foundation work she has managed to earn all her Level 2 titles in CPE and is well on her way to achieving the goal of making it to Nationals. But now it is time to start the real work in getting her ring ready and create the teamwork we need to be successful.

Tomorrow a new chapter begins as I start a new set of classes at K9 Jym. One of those classes “Training with Darryl” should really be called “Training with Dicey” as it will be set up to build the skills and teamwork that we are currently lacking. I think this is going to be a really kewl class and hope the students that have decided to try it will get as much out of it as I do. I know that the skills we will be working on will help all of us become better agility teams.

As I sit here to night I am starting to collect my thoughts on exactly what are strengths and weaknesses are so I can create goals and track our progress. I am hoping to include videos, course maps for exercises and share our results here.Dicey 1 B& D

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