Dynamite Earns both TD and TDX Titles

I know I have not been keeping up with these blogs. I am hoping to commit to doing more with them this coming year. I am very proud to announce that Dynamite earned her TD on October 11 2009 completing…Read more

Update on Dynamite's Training

It has beena very long time since I updated you on any of my blogs. Tracking training has continued for Dynamite on a regular basis. We have only missed Monday tracking class on the couple of weeks that I have…Read more

Tracking Class Week 5 1-12-09

Today’s class leads to a change in the pecking order for my dogs. We have decided to have Dynamite work the tracks first and then run Dixie shortly afterwards. This is being done to help both dogs. From Dynamite’s side…Read more

Tracking Week 4 Homework 1-10-09

It has been snowing all night and day and I have gone out and laid a very tough track for my dogs. I did practice earlier this week and all of the dogs seemed to be handling some harder turns…Read more

Dynamite's Second Tracking Class 1-5-09

Here we are into a new year and on to class #4 of tracking. We did not have class last week because we were at an agility trial. We did do several days of practice tracks at home. Dixie is…Read more

Dynamite gets to go to Tracking Class 12-22-08

So it is now time for week three of tracking class. I did train my dogs twice this week at home on a serpentine course and a course with some dog legs (45 degree turns). Dynamite has continued to impress…Read more

Tracking Day 2 12-11-08

It is now Thursday of the first week and I am going to lay another serpentine track for the dogs to do. The big difference this time is that the track will be in the farmer’s corn field next to…Read more

Dynamite Starts Tracking 12-9-08

It is Tuesday December 9 2008 and I have laid my first a track at home. For those that may not have seen Dixie’s blog I started attending  formal tracking classes with her on Mondays yesterday. I have decided to…Read more