Disco 2 X 2's Day 3 Monday January 5 2009

Monday morning is my tracking class time but I decided to throw Disco and the weaves in the car just in case we had time to do some weaves during tracking. It worked out nicely as in the middle of…Read more

Disco 2X 2 Day 2 1-3-09

So we had a successful first day of training with the 2 X 2 weaves. If it was nice outside and I had time we could be doing 2 or 3 short training sessions a day, but for now that…Read more

Disco's fisrt day of 2 X 2 Friday 1-2-09

I have watched the first DVD a couple of times now so I have a good idea of the overall plan. I want to share just a few things about this training method for the weaves before we start so…Read more

Disco to Start 2X2 Weave Training 12-30-2008

To anyone who saw Disco making his Docna trial debut on December 12-14 and December 27-29 2008 it was very apparent that he has no clue what weave poles are at this time. I had to stop him, walk backwards…Read more